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“Mary Our Hope” Centre

The beginning of the operation of the home for children handicapped in physical or mental development called “Mary Our Hope” prompted the inclusion also of the sick children and of the children with difficulties in their physical or mental development in the god-parenthood programme.

The difficult economic and social situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina had an effect on the health care system as well. Public medical institutions and hospitals have not been reconstructed for years, the equipment has become obsolete, and the medical staff faces the lack of the basic medical supplies every day. At the same time private clinics and policlinics are being opened, where all services have to be paid for.

Such situation has brought the parents of the children handicapped in their physical or mental development as well as those whose children suffer from chronic, incurable diseases, into a very difficult position.

The health care system covers only a small portion of the needs of these little patients, which include constant care, therapy, medicines, aids, personal hygiene supplies.

Most parents in their everyday struggle for their daily bread are not in position to provide all the necessities for their sick children, so in responding to their calls for help we have included them in the god-parenthood programme as well.

To help one of such children really means to help the whole family carry the heavy cross and accept the sick child with love.

Visit: www.marijanasanada.com

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