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Celebration of the Holy Family Institute day

Objavljeno 19.03.2013 u Događanja u Zavodu Svete Obitelji
Celebration of the Holy Family Institute day

The celebration program of the Holy Family Institute day and feast of St. Joseph, patron of the Institute, was held in the crypt of the Holy Family Institute in Siroki Brijeg on Sunday, 17 March 2013. At the beginning of the program Mrs. Vesna Cuzic, president of the International Godparenthood association addressed attending friends and guests:
“ When this Institute was named the Holy Family Institute it was so logical to take St. Joseph for its patron and the Holy Family, which he heads, for the example we want to follow.
Everyday’s life in the Holy Family Institute is organized following the model of the Holy Family life. The way in which this Institute is organized and its programs promote and follow the things that filled Holy Family’s home abundantly: prayer, hard work, frugality, humility and respect for God’s and human laws.
The purpose of the Holy Family Institute and demands that we set before the wards is to create a clean atmosphere in which they can grow spiritually and intellectually as gentle shoots of future holy families.
The time in which we live is a time of spiritual and economic crisis. Neither the Institute nor its programs are spared from it. Almost every day we are confronted with the question how to proceed. However we strive to stand firm and keep up with our work.
The Holy Spirit led and inspired Fr Jozo Zovko to found the Holy Family Institute. Providence has accompanied its construction and operation. Despite all the difficulties and trials we face in recent years we do not cease to believe in the power of God’s Providence.”
In her speech, she pointed out that the feast of St. Joseph’s day is at the same time the day of the Institute, when the wards have opportunity to present one part of the program, prepared in the Music and Drama groups.

The text of the play that was performed, titled “Mission of Love”, was written by Sanijela Matković, the educator in the Institute. It shows commitment of St. Joseph and his love for Jesus and Mary, and Jesus’ love for us through which we are saved.
In the play the performed:
The wards of the Holy Family Institute:Marija Paurevic, Ivana Lozic, Stjepana Blazevic, Dajana Bradic and Ana Jurcevic;
Members of the amateur theatre “Didak” : Ivan Kraljevic and Mario Ceskic;
Members of the Franciscan Youth from Siroki Brijeg.
The chorus of the Holy Family Institute led by Karla Soldo sang musical parts of the play, as well as the opening and closing songs

On the very feast of St. Joseph, March 19, the wards and the staff of the Holy Family Institute will be gathered in prayer for the founder of the Institute Fr. Jozo Zovko, all the friends and benefactors and for God’s blessing upon their lives and work through the intercession of Our Heavenly Mother, Queen of Peace, under the fatherly protection of St. Joseph.


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