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Dear godparents!

Objavljeno 21.03.2013 u Program kumstva
 Dear godparents!

For many years now we have been looking upon you and feeling about you as the people with deep faith who show it by their deeds. In spite of all crises and troubles you have remained faithful to the needy. To you, who have persevered in doing good and bringing joy to others, we want to give thanks for being a sign that there is love and friendship in this world. We are grateful to Dear God that you have received our children in your hearts and accepted them as your dearest ones. It is through your love and friendship that we recognise the love of God.

We are in the Lenten time and are preparing for Easter, a feast of joyful hope. The fundamental message of Easter is that the Lord is living and that by His resurrection He has conquered death and darkness. Easter is a feast that shows us light at the end of the way on which we are often accompanied by suffering, trials and crosses. We pray that for this great feast of Easter a new experience may happen to you like it did to the disciples on the road to Emmaus. “Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road...” they said to each other. In this Year of Faith we pray that, in this holy time, the resurrected Lord may set a-burning your hearts and souls, while seeking and listening to Him.
Let the sacrifice you are making for your godchild be a key that opens all doors of the meeting with the Resurrected. May the Resurrected Saviour encourage you to go on recognising Him in the least and the neediest ones.

In the name of our association of the International God-parenthood for Herzeg-Bosnian Child we wish you a very happy and blessed Easter filled with the Easter peace and joy.


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