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Help the little ones

Objavljeno 23.10.2015 u Događanja
Help the little ones

Dear friends, benefactors, and all people of good will,
In this way we want to ask for your help in the further existence of the centre for children with special needs Marija Naša Nada, Široki Brijeg.
Unfortunately in the last few years the center has been going through financial difficulties and any kind of help would be good.
The center started its work 10 years ago and it offers a program of day and outpatient stay for the children with special needs, where the expert team of doctors, therapists, educators and the other personal helps the children through daily therapies and workshops in their physical, psychological and social development. The protégés of the centre are children from the West Herzegovina County and currently there are 45 children in day stay and 46 children in outpatient stay, 90 children with neurodevelopmental disorders and babies to the age of one year.
Dear benefactor, pilgrim and friend, with your payment you help children who are unprotected and disempowered in our unfair society. You help the further existence of the center that arose out of love of people of good will. These people responded to the words of our dear Lord: 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.' (MT 25, 45)
Be a part of this, help the little ones- the children, and God will reward you for your good deeds.

Peace and all the best

You can find further information about the center on our official website:

The number of the bank account to which you can deposit money and help the centre is:
Marija - Naša Nada
Vitkov Prilaz 1-Puringaj
88220 Široki Brijeg, Bosna i Hercegovina
UniCredit Bank d.d. BH Acc.No: 3380604817273018
Swift: UNCRBA 22 A
Žiro račun: 3382202200949265
IBAN: BA 393380604817273018


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