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Christmas card to the godparents 2018.

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Christmas card to the godparents 2018.


Our dear friends!

The mystery of Christmas hides in itself the deepest love and friendship. God has shown his countless love for a man through his embodiment. He has decided to break a man's curse by becoming a man himself. He has decided to accept poverty and every misery by being born in a barn. He has decided to take away man's every sin and to nail it to his cross, washing it with his blood. Christmas is a holiday of love. A man responds to that God's love. Shepherds come to the barn in the middle of the night, awake and encouraged by the signs. They encounter something great: a Mother and a Child. That song of joy inspires them to bring the gifts to the newborn King. The barn did not take away anything Saint and divine from the Child. It becomes a cathedral filled with light and songs. Full of sky and earth, people and angels. Christmas is a holiday of godlike light and joy, song and gratitude.
Three king from faraway saw the star and followed it. That long path leads them to the Mother and Child. They gave everything they had. Christmas is a holiday of giving and meeting with the Mother and Child.
„Who accepts one child on my behalf, he accepts me", says the Lord. With this card I remind you, our dear godparents, that you have accepted the Lord in our poor child.
Let him endow you with his blessing. Let these holidays touch our hearts and fill us with Christmas joy and peace.
Merry and blessed Christmas and New Year 2019
Prayers and heartfelt greetings to you and your families wishes International God-parenthood for the Herzeg-Bosnian child.

Chairwoman of the Association

Ivana Barbarić


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