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Christmas card to the benefactors 2018.

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Christmas card to the benefactors 2018.


Our dear friends and benefactors!

During this holy time we thinking about you. Our prayers and our sincere gratitude is dedicated to you as well as all our friends and benefactors.
People like that, people with kind and noble heart were lacking in Bethlehem when a pregnant mother and her husband were looking for a place to stay. All the houses and all the hearts were closed. And they did not get the welcome in the city of David's. This card is a thank you note for your open hearts. This card is for you and for the bread you shared with us. Thank you for keeping us in Your prayers and for supporting us and our projects, Mary our Hope centre and the Holy Family institute, materially. Both of these centres depend on God's providence. That is why you are our sign of God's proximity. Thank you for everything. We pray for you and your families. Let the Newborn King bless you and your dear ones with his peace and Christmas joy. In hope that you will keep supporting us we promise you the place in front of the Nativity scene and in our prayers.
Merry and blessed Christmas and New Year in the name of our association and all employees.

Association chairwoman

Ivana Barbarić


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