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Our Lady's Message, December 25th

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Our Lady's Message, December 25th

Our Lady's Message, December 25th “Dear children! I bring you my son Jesus, who is the King of peace. He gives you peace and do not allow that peace be only for you, my children, share it with others in joy and humbleness. I am with you and pray for you in this merciful time God wants to give to you. My presence is a sign of love while I am here with you, to protect you and guide you towards eternity. Thank you for answering my calling.

 Dear prayer family, we are in the middle of Christmas time so this is a merciful time in a special way. The Son has been given to us, proclaims heaven. Mother tells us she brings us her son, who is a King of peace. The mystery of Christmas is the warmest joy which changes this world. Every generation and every heart needs this mercy revealed. Every heart yearns peace. It cannot be bought by fake programs and contents. Those gifts leave us with deep restlessness until we reveal and meet Jesus. He is given to us. We cannot buy Him. We cannot earn Him. He is the gift. The Father gives him to all of us through Mother because everyone needs him and everyone searches for him. We can all accept or reject that heaven's gift. That is why an apostle writes with sadness: "He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him." That gift is hidden from the haughty eyes because it is wrapped in poverty and so many reject it as worthless offer. The heavens help the shepherds. Angels reveal them a great joy, not only for them, but for all people. Hurry, and you shall find a baby and a mother. The baby is laid in manger. That is a newborn king you await - your Messiah about whom all prophets spoke. They were not scared about their herds because they gave advantage to the king and mother. A Bethlehem cave became a first cathedral where God resides, so the shepherds and wise men from the East who followed his star are the happiest people. They searched for him and they finally found him. Despite all the temptations on their path, all the misfortunes, they kept going and they were not wrong. That is why we call them wise men. Only wise and simple men do not have problem with Jesus. They find their King of peace in him. Our mother teaches us not to keep that mercy and joy of Christmas for ourselves, that joy is for all of us. „Share it with others in joy and humbleness“. Just like shepherds and wise men did. On their return home, they chose a different path. A joy fulfilling their hearts while meeting a mother and child in manger is their new experience and treasure. They could not keep silent about that mercy. Christmas is an ever new and such needed experience of that holiday meeting with Mother and King of peace which fulfils our life and heart with new peace. That gift cannot be spent like our Christmas candle we brought to light it as a sign of our grateful love for him. Joy and love, peace and blessing he brings to us are permanent Godly values which are poured from His heart into ours - from His love into our life., Him being our God and King. That joy is best represented as our Christmas card which talks about our joy we give and share with others. A new year is a gift for all of us. Shall we find that other, happier and safer path on which our Mother guides us, in prayer in front of Nativity scene. "My presence is a sign of love. I am with you and pray for you." Only a Mother can say these words to her child on the crossing between old and new year. Dear brothers and sisters, these holidays Međugorje is crowded with pilgrims of all languages, nations and cultures. Archbishop Henryk Hoser, accompanied with papal nuncio and hundreds of priests, gathers and teaches the pilgrims. Just like shepherds and wise men from Bethlehem, they are all witnesses of a great mercy for all people. Our constant assignment and mission is to follow every heart with prayer, so no one would be Herod - feeling endangered, but blessed, and let none of us get tired, that is why you must always remember that you are chosen ones. This month we will pray for these premeditations:

1. Let us all happily begin a New year in Jesus' name and let us, with Him as our King of peace and His and our Mother, live in peace and joy feeling their blessing.

2. For all the pilgrims who were invited to Međugorje to find Mother and accept her messages as a rule for everyday life. Most of all, let them persist in prayer, reading of the Bible, let them be persistent in celebrating Sunday Eucharist, let them take a step to fast on Wednesdays and Fridays and to confess once a month. Those five stones are our program and our strength.

3. For seers, bishop Henrik, all priests who accompany pilgrims, who listen to confessions, teach and annunciate, let them remain faithful to their Queen of Peace and her messages.

Dear brothers and sisters, let us start a New year with new enthusiasm and apostolic force. Let Peace and God's blessing follow your every action!


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