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Gospina poruka, siječanj 2019.

Objavljeno 12.02.2019 u Molitveno Pobratimstvo
Gospina poruka, siječanj 2019.

Our Lady's Message, January 25th 2019 Dear children! Today I invite you for conversion as a mother. This time for you is, my children, a time of silence and prayer. Therefore, let the seed of hope and joy grow in the warmth of your heart, and you will, my children, from day to day feel the need to pray more. Your life will become arranged and responsible. You will realise, my children, that you are transient here on Earth and you will feel the need to be closer to God and with love you will testify your experience of meeting God you will share with others. I am with you and pray for you, but I cannot manage without your Yes. Thank you for answering my calling.

Dear prayer family!

Our Lady started tonight with the exact message as in the beginning in the presence of a few villagers from Bijakovići. A Mother's call for conversion. When we observe the history of apostles and prophets then we see that the main calling was the one for conversion. Everyone understood that and felt a deep need for the change of heart, to harmonize your life with God's will and law. This is our time. It is not against us. This time does not belong to Satan, but to us, the children of God. It is our time in which every one of us has a special mission to give fruits and to be the witness - prophet of God. Jesus himself withdraws to desert before starting to teach people. The first sermon in the synagogue of Nazareth was the calling for conversion. A calling to accept God's Gospel with full heart. In order to meet others and transfer them the Message, one needs to come from silence and prayer. A man who clears his thoughts and words through prayer and in silence, becomes a sweet sounding instrument of God. Every heart stops in front of him because it has met him as his own. As the one carrying gifts. At the very beginning everyone asked what were they to do! She, as a wise Mother, teaches us to pray and invites us for fasting and prayer. Not to recite a prayer but to pray with heart. A complete man with its mind and heart and all its emotions, so, with all his being, stands in front of God in prayer. It was such a refreshment in those hot political and summer days! Rosary came back into our hands, in our families as well as all our days. That is how believers became strong, courageous witnesses of Our Lady's presence and love. Everyone else, especially the enemies are left in fear. Strength as a strong rim jeopardises their thoughts and lives. And so they became prisoners. While the prayer gathers and enforces faith and love of Our Lady's family. That open and warm heart of a Queen of Peace worshiper has become a wonder which cannot be hidden or neglected. Believers on their knees was the most powerful army of Our Lady. A heart which loves God cannot be without prayer. It searches all the ways and programs which deeper and deeper teach it to pray. Like a musician who grows in knowledge of playing every day, searching for more compositions in which his soul is reflecting and enjoying. A praying man does not get tired by praying but searches for new opportunities and seminars of prayer. He grows. A life of a believer who prays is arranged and responsible. A praying program which lasts more and more becomes more appealing, more pleasant to every heart. From the very beginning, these prayers become baths of soul, anointment and balm for all wounds. That is why Međugorje attracts everyone like a magnet , it is useful for everyone. Everyone leaves filled with a special light and mercy capable to testify what he saw and experienced. That is how the Holy Bible has become our school of prayer, and the Queen of Peace our mother and teacher. She needs our YES, our FIAT. God needed her Yes in Nazareth. The Virgin accepts God's will and His salvation plan. On her Yes the Embodiment occurs. The beginning of a better world and a New Testament. Eternal Word of God becomes a man, Jesus, Son of God from Nazareth. In order for a seed of wisdom to grow and carry plentiful fruits in the warmth of our heart it needs our Yes. The world of today, covered in the darkness of unfaithfulness and sin, selfishness and violence, needs new apostles, new witnesses, new missionaries. Salvations comes from God to man. Let us wake up and put our lives at God's disposal - let us say our Yes, through which a light will shine to all those in darkness, mercy will come to all those who have fallen, an escape will arrive to all those imprisoned. Our dear Mother! We have understood the importance of the message and our answer to it. Help us so our Yes would be spoken and lived in all our days and life moments. We pray so you would inspire us to follow Jesus and stay faithful to him. Looking at you, Mother, and your life devoted to God we pray to choose your path. Humble and holy Mother, pray for us sinners AMEN! This month we will pray for these premeditations:

1. For us and our conversion. For the change of our heart. For extermination of every sin from our hearts and our families and our Church.

2. For all Christians, especially pilgrims, to say their YES to Our Lady through humble and persistent prayer.

3. For all sick and helpless, to find the mercy of healing and conversion. For seers, our bishop Henrik and all priests and monks to testify with their lives and work and therefore provide their YES.

4. For our spiritual guide father Jozo Zovko.


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