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International God-Parenthood for the Herzeg-Bosnian Child

The Association “International God-Parenthood for the Herzeg-Bosnian Child” is an association of citizens founded on the initiative of Father Jozo Zovko at Široki Brijeg in December 1992. The Association was founded at the height of the war afflictions in Bosnia and Herzegovina with an aim of offering material and spiritual support to the children who had lost one or both parents in the war. With a wish to help also other children and their families needy of Christian charity, the children without one or both parents, the children handicapped in their physical and/or mental development, as well as the children from large socially vulnerable families were also included in the programme of the Association.

The Association was entered into the Register of Associations of the Ministry of Justice of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1998.
In the Republic of Croatia, an Agency of the association “International God-Parenthood for the Herzeg-Bosnian Child” was registered with the Central State Office for Administration with the seat on the Island of Badija.'

The basic motto and the guiding principle of all activities of the Association are Jesus’ words, “Whatever you did to the least of these, you did it to me.” (Mt 25, 40)

From the very beginning the founder of the Association Father Jozo Zovko has been stressing the need of spiritual help to the families marked by the cross of illness, loss of parents and poverty. It was with this aim that prayer meetings of godparents and their godchildren were organised at Međugorje and Široki Brijeg, and so were the programmes of spiritual renewal on the Islands of Lopud and Jakljan. Numerous members of the Association are involved in the Prayer Fraternity “Visitation”, a prayer community that was also founded and led by Father Jozo Zovko.

More than 5,000 children from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina have been included into the programmes of the Association so far.

Today the Association acts through the following programmes:
- God-parenthood programme;
- Programme of the Holy Family Institute;
- Programme of the home Mary Our Hope.

The godparents of the children included in the god-parenthood programme, as well as the benefactors who with their love make possible the work of the Association, are mainly Međugorje pilgrims and devotees of the Queen of Peace from the whole world.

With its activity and programmes under the motherly patronage of the Queen of Peace the association “International God-Parenthood for the Herzeg-Bosnian Child” has become a large family in which the hearts of all its members, both of those who give and those who receive, are equally filled with peace and blessing.


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