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Objavljeno 18.05.2012 u Događanja

On May 16, 2012. famous Croatian actor Dragan Despot performed the monodrama
" On the Edge of Reason" by Miroslav Krleža in front of the enthusiastic
audience in the crypt of the Holy Family Institute. From anger and irony to
anxiety and rebellion Dragan Despot performed in a prudent, sensitive, clear
and delicate manner and nuances of acting the character of the Doctor. With
his impressive acting he showed rebellion of an intellectual against
hypocrisy of society.
Monodrama " On the Edge of Reason" by Miroslav Krleža had its first night on
May 13, 2005 on the big stage of the National Theatre in Zagreb. It is about
an individual tragedy that happens within the collective drama of the
society drowned in lies and hypocrisy. The story speaks about a man who
lives his life like unperceivable object, seemly well-integrated into civil
society. A random but sincere sentence said in wrong time turns him into a
subject of resistance and rebellion against the stupidity and hypocrisy of a
society based on money and false values.
The monodrama " On the Edge of Reason" was awarded all the relevant
Croatian theatre rewards including Dujšin award, Vladimir Nazor award,
"Slobodna Dalmacija" award on Marul Days and Fabijan Šovagović award at
the Actor Festival.


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