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Farewell to graduates

Objavljeno 22.06.2012 u Zavod Svete Obitelji
Farewell to graduates

Step by step, day by day and we have arrived at the end of the 2011/2012 school year. Most of the wards, except those who are still doing their practical work and a few university students, have gone to spend summer holidays with their families.
This week we said goodbye to the graduates who, after they have passed their final exams, end their stay in the Holy Family Institute. Ana, Ilijana, Ivona, Katarina, Monika, Nikolina, Jelena and another Jelena agree that the time just flew and they cannot believe that it has already past four years since their arrival in the Holy Family Institute.
Scared fifteen year old girls have grown into self confident young women. At the farewell gathering at the end of their stay in the Holy Family Institute in memory of Fr Jozo founder and builder of the Institute of the Holy Family, we gave them the book "Encounters with Fr Jozo" and of course the most powerful weapon to face all life's battles that lie ahead - the rosary.
Based on her own experience Ana Katušić left a message to the new girls coming to replace them at the Holy Family Institute:

Dear girls, it is true that the arrival of the new surrounding is difficult. Every start, every major life change is difficult, but do not give up! This is the house where you will surely be strengthened and that will give you the possibility of spiritual growth. You just need to recognize and accept all the possibilities that this house provides. You ought to struggle and make the most of your abilities! The Institute and educators who are always with us will help you to build your personality.

So, go ahead, follow your dreams and achieve them!


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