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Holy Mass at the beginning of a new school / academic year.

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Holy Mass at the beginning of a new school / academic year.

 The school “ knocked” on our door again and led us into the Holy Family Institute. For some girls, it was the first new step at the beginning of a high school education and for the most reunion with friends.

In addition to socializing and adjusting to a new home, learning quickly became inescapable reality. Everyone's got their classroom and textbooks. It's good that learning together, we have an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and experience, and above all to discover the beauty of creation.
Because every new insights brings us nearer to God and the truth that without the power of the Spirit we cannot thrive in the knowledge and growing.

Therefore, at the beginning of the school / academic year 201272013, we attended Mass at the Siroki Brijeg shrine along with our educators. Scriptural readings helped us to recognize the power and importance of faith and discipleship of Jesus and His way. And through the homily we have been taught that whether effort and love our teachers, parents and guardians will bear fruit depends on us.

In the prayer of the faithful, we prayed for God’s blessing upon our efforts, educators, teachers and all those who participate in the process of our education. We also remembered our benefactors asking God to repay them 100fold for their love and deeds of mercy.

We offered to God our intentions bringing symbolic offering gifts.
We offered bread as a symbol of Eucharistic and family communion. Praying God that His Word leads us on the way we have just started, we offered a source of wisdom – Bible on the Altar. Rosary was offered as a symbol of unity with Jesus and Mary.

Of course, among the gifts there were our textbooks as a symbol of knowledge that we should gain during this school year. At the end, we offered up a guitar with the intention for our lives to be like her melodic and gentle sound - the joy and gift to others.

After Eucharist, we prayed at the tomb of the martyrs of Siroki Brijeg.

We returned to the Holy Family Institute with the hearts filled with peace. We were confident that God has accepted our lilting prayers and that the path we are taking will be a joyful witness of His mercy and love.

Božana Marić


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