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A trip to Glamoc - Sunday, 21.10.2012.

Objavljeno 22.10.2012 u Događanja u Zavodu Svete Obitelji
A trip to Glamoc - Sunday, 21.10.2012.


In historical records the city Glamoc was mentioned in 1078. The parish Glamoc is also quite old, mentioned for the first time in the fourteenth century. It’s patron is St.Elijah the Prophet. The parish church was built in 1903.godine. It was burned down during the Second World War and rebuilt in 1969. It was destroyed for the second time in the last war in BiH. Although its renovation is still ongoing the church is used for all the needs of the parish since 2010.
Throughout the history the Croatian people from the Glamoc region had to leave it three times. The first time they moved out after the fall of Bosnia under Turkish rule and returned to this in the seventeenth century. The second exodus occurred at the beginning of the World War II, after which a small number of Croats returned to Glamoc. During the last war that took place in BiH the Croats emigrated from Glamoc for the third time. When the war ended some of them returned to Glamoc together with the Croats who came as refugees from other parts of Bosnia.

Since this year, there are 6 protégés at the Holy family Institute who come from Glamoc, their parish priest don Marko Crnjak has invited us to visit his parish.
Don Marko, parents and families of our protégés wished us welcome together with sister Martina who is the Director of the kindergarten and sister Simplicija who teaches catechism and leads the choir. The sisters are members of the order of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ and live and work in Glamoc.

We were not their only guests on this beautiful autumn day. They hosted together with us the members of the association Bosnienhilfe der Caritas Duisburg in Germany, which for many years has been supporting the Catholic community in Glamoc.

Their spiritual leader Heinrich Bucker concelebrated Holy mass with Don Marko.
The Wards of the Holy Family Institute animated the Holy Mass by their singing. This Sunday was also celebrated as the “Day of bread" which made today’s liturgy even more solemn.

After Holy mass, there was abundance of tasteful food and refreshment served in the parish house where we continued to associate with our new friends.
At the end of our visit don Marko gave us the painting of Glamoc Tabija, the remains of the medieval fortress, painted by the painter Primorac. For majority of the protégés of the Institute this was the first visit to Glamoc. We all were thrilled by the cordial welcome of our host who immediately made us feel at home.

We are grateful to Lord for this day and everything new that we experienced. We learned something about the history of Glamoc, the life of Catholics in this parish, and made new friends. We appreciate everything the priest, nuns and parents of the protégés from Glamoc have done to so that this day will remain a pleasant memory for all of us.
We also give thanks to Mr. Davor Ljubić and G-tour company who provided us bus transportation to Glamoc.


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