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Greeting for Easter

Objavljeno 21.03.2013 u Program kumstva
Greeting  for Easter

Dear prayer family!

To send you our Easter message is a great joy. In addition to being a message of congratulations with the best wishes for a happy and blessed Easter, it is also an expression of gratitude for the perseverance in prayer. As a prayer family we have seen off many an event in the Church and in the world in these thirty-three years. How fragile and transient is everything in our life! Prayer is a grace that gives meaning to our life; value to our life and work; love, unity and peace to our family; strength and beauty to our cross.
Rivers with their flow bring water to the farthest corners. With their water they enable life and give fertility to earth. Where water reaches, everything changes. Desert turns into a fertile oasis. Dead and unfertile land gives place to fertile arable fields and the most beautiful gardens. Human labour is futile without water.

Spiritual life, too, has its laws. The fruits of the spiritual life are never accidental. Behind a saintly and fertile life always stands persevering prayer. It waters our life like a river of grace. We are going to have a new Pope at the head of the Church soon. Whether it is also going to be the springtime of our Church depends on those who keep vigil and pray. Let us be inspired by the powerful message of Pope Benedict XVI who withdrew into the silence of the monastery for an intensive prayer for the whole Church. This is indeed the most sublime job of each of us.
Dear prayer family! The Church needs us as a prayer family that builds the Church. That is why in Her latest messages the Queen of Peace calls to a persevering, confident prayer that never tires nor gives up in trials, but rather becomes stronger and more hopeful.
Here we are before the joyful feast of Ester. The disciples have gone through so many trials and troubles. In the Easter morning come joyful messages through the women, and through the Lord Jesus Himself, who strengthens and fortifies them in their faith, takes away the doubts and anxiety from their hearts, and fills them with His peace and joy. Yes, these are the gifts of the Resurrected Lord to His people. We are His. Let us open our hearts to the dearest meetings with Him, our Resurrected Lord. We owe this grace to this world and time we live in. We must not fail or shift the responsibility to others for the announcement of Good News.

Let us persevere in this gracious mission. May the Queen of Peace make you happy with every blessing and grace.

A very happy and blessed Easter to you in the name of the Prayer Fraternity of “Visitation”.



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