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Our Lady's Message, February 25th 2019

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Our Lady's Message, February 25th 2019

„Dear children!

Today I invite you for a new life. Your age is not important, open your heart to Jesus who will transform you in this merciful time and as nature, you will be reborn into a new life in God's love and you will open your heart to heaven and heavenly things. I am still with you, because God enabled me that out of his love towards you. Thank you for answering my calling.“

My dear prayer family Visitation! By entering a spring month of March our days become longer, full of sunshine which creates a breath of spring in nature. We already see the first flowers in our parks which greet us as the messengers of a new life. It is so nice to have the eyes which can see and notice great nature's changes. By observing that new life and new birth we are inspired for our transformation - a new life. The Queen of Peace tells us: "Today I invite you for a new life." Through the laws of nature, our Creator invites all his creations for a new life. All the nature obeys. It can no longer hibernate, but is awaken. The Mother invites all of us to wake up for a new life. Is that possible!? It is not only possible but it is necessary. We are at the beginning of Lent. It is the time of renunciation. The time of more intense working on ourselves. Lent is the time of mercy. God is so close to us. A strength shines from His proximity and love which helps us change ourselves. It helps us accomplish that calling for a new life. That merciful activity is like a spring day quietly grows, becomes longer. Everyone of us is invited to consciously decide to take these little small steps of gradual growth in spiritual awakening. That mercy has the advantage in front of TV shows and sports competitions. The first flowers of a new life are seen in the traces of merciful Lent walk. A lot of people will renounce meet or candies during Lent to show their love of Jesus. Others will, along with that renunciation, take the Bible and find time every day to listen to what our Lord is saying to us. Many will successfully agree on family prayer of rosaries and piety of Way of the Cross. Some will decide to attend the holy mass and adoration of the Holy sacrament every day. We all will feel the calling to help our ill brothers, poor people and our close ones, to treat them well in this merciful time. All of these programs as our Lent decisions will give Christian fruits. Our faith and love to God and our close ones will purify and renew. Peace will come back into our lives as well as the smiles on our faces. In this period of heavy blows in the heart of Church, let us all awake and decide to purify our hearts and renew Church through sacrifice and acts of love. Those terrifying waves and counter winds will not sink the Church. Our steersman is Jesus. Let us not be afraid and abandon the Church because only the Church is capable of taking us to the other shore. You must pray for all the priests and Church prelates who are tirelessly called out and judged. Yes, a priest is also human who can fall. Lend your hand of prayer and help all of us. The face of the Lord which was spat on will be revealed and shown to all of us: "Ecce homo!, said Pilate" and everyone called for his death. No, we will not join those who attack and slander priests, we will just like Veronica give a handkerchief to all those spat on and we will clean their faces. Dear brothers and sister, this time is hard and demanding. We realise more and more why the Queen of Peace appears for so long. If she was not with us as the prophet said in the psalm: "if the Lord was not with us they would have eaten us alive". If Our Lady was not with us......!

This Lent we will pray for these premeditations:

1. For the Holy father, pope Francis, all bishops and priests, all monks and nuns to be persistent on the path of sanctity, let them all awake to a new life by the gospel. Let them show us the face of suffering Jesus, Jesus of mercy and good this Lent.

2. For all the pilgrims, let Our Lady comfort them, renew them and invite them for a new Christian - holy life. Let everyone reveal that is the only path in Međugorje.

3. For the seers and parish of Međugorje, to wake up and return to their original love. Let them renew their families and entire Church by living the messages with a new flare.

4. For our spiritual guide father Jozo Zovko.


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